Meet Dmitri Tsitelauri  

Portrait of Dmitri

    Hi, my name is Dmitri Tsitelauri, and I am a professional videographer based in South Florida. It all began unintentionally when I bought my first DSLR. I wanted to take amazing photos, so I enthusiastically purchased a very expensive camera hoping for professional quality photos, but I quickly realized that it was not going to be that simple. What was meant to be fun turned into a world of millions of questions and much frustration. 

And this is how my journey began... 

Picture of Dmitri sitting outdoors

     Over the next few years, I devoted countless hours to learning the science of photography. I became obsessed with it. All of my friends and family members thought I was a lunatic because photography was the only thing on my mind. I practiced day and night, read tons of literature about the history of photography, and got inspired by many great photographers along the way. I joined all sorts of photography forums and blogs where I interacted with real photographers and science geeks, learning the technologies behind digital photography. I kept investing thousands of dollars into new camera bodies, lenses, lighting equipment, computer hardware, and software. I met with local wedding photographers and assisted them at weddings (without pay) just to understand how it all works. During this time, I fell in love with the feeling of accomplishment. As time went by, I started to book my own gigs, and my portfolio kept growing (so did my confidence). Finally, one day, I decided that I wanted to get out of the rat race of corporate jobs and began my professional life as a wedding cinematographer.